Tara Hunt on You can’t eat Whuffie, but it’s harder to eat without it

September 1st, 2009 / 05:09 by Ross Dawson

This is a new presentation – experimenting. Money has been a dominant form of currency – it’s something we understand innately.

In the days of barter, we would exchange things for mutual value.

Advantages of money: it is fungible, trust is not necessary, and it’s independent of need. Money evolved to fiat money (in 1971 the US discontinued gold-backing of money).

Money is only a small part of what we value. There are many things we value that are not monetary: among many other things relationships and influence.

Alistair Croll took my book The Whuffie Factor and Chris Anderson’s Free to create some new ideas and the following diagram:

Source: The Three Economies of Online currencies

Whuffie, Attention, and Money are linked.

We can ‘cash in’ on Whuffie with jobs and clients.

We can convert attention to Whuffie.

There are 4,500 articles in Google News with “Rebuilding Trust” in the title in 2009.

Zappos is a great example of spending to do better things for their clients.

We need to balance people with profits.